Mary Donohue Groombridge

I am a Sarnia-based artist and art educator. I divide my time between studio work, occassional teaching and volunteering. I’m a docent at the Judith and Norman Alix Art Gallery and Vice Chairman on the Board of Directors at the Lawrence House Centre for the Arts.


I graduated with an honours BFA from York University, Toronto and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Western Ontario. I began to exhibit professionally in Sarnia during my career as an art teacher at SCITS High School. 


My paintings have a narrative quality, though the story each tells is neither explicit nor direct. I’m intrigued by the precarious, fragile and fleeting nature of my subjects and make artistic decisions to balance connotative reality with what is actual. I am fascinated by the moment, the past, the mythology of remembered things, paradox and secrets. I am more concerned with the lingering sense of a thing than I am with defining or explaining it. My paintings are a kind of estuary of personal observations, impressions and accounts represented in abstracted, symbolic tableaux. 


Use of bold colour, movement and unusual subject matter has always been a distinctive characteristic of my work.

root and stem poster 2018
Vertical Exhibit photo